How do I find out about baptism?

The best thing to do is to read the information about baptism (also known as Christening) in the leaflet at the bottom of the page and then come to a service to find out what we do. Our main Sunday morning service is held every week at 10am and we have refreshments afterwards which is an ideal time to talk to Daniel our Rector about what is involved. We do have other events and services at St Michaels, please speak to the Rector at any of these if you wish to find out more.

There is no cost involved, although we do ask that you, and those attending, are generous with donations.



What is baptism? 

Just as every child begins learning his or her ‘ABC’, so there is, if you like, an ‘ABC’ for baptism…

• Accepting – that God has a purpose for you and your child

• Believing – that God loves you and your child and wants the best for you

• Committing – your life, and the life of your child, to Jesus Christ


Baptism of a child is as much a sign of his or her parents’ own faith as anything else. That is why the very first question you are asked in the Baptism service requires that you are willing to give the child help and encouragement by your prayers, your example, and by your teaching.


Can I be baptised as an adult?


The short answer is “yes”. All of the above applies to baptism of an adult, and the first step is to either come to church or contact the Rector on the email and telephone number on our contacts page.

View our Baptism Leaflet  >>>


Within the parish, St Michaels is seen as "The Parish Church" and is used by most local organisations, including the British Legion as the church for its annual Remembrance Day Parades and the uniformed organisations for parade Sundays.


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